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John T. Jefferson

Photo by Michael Kratzer

 At the age of fifteen, John T. Jefferson started in 1983 to create new versions of well-known titles by means of simple cuts. Within the next three years he experienced with different speeds, multi-track tape recorders and mixers.

1986 - after countless "experiments" - he named the project Thesound Crash. In order to have additional sonorous options, he bought a KORG DSS-1 Sampler in 1987.

Also when C. and Soto T. joined the project in 1990 and 1992, productions always remained in his hands.

In 1992, he did a professional training as a sound engineer which is still his profession to date.

His activities as a creative head of the "toNbremse/Thanks For The Noise"-team contain: music-construction and -production, sound design, singing, art design, internet design, video-filming and -editing, archiving and documentation.

 The Works of John T. Jefferson:


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